Setup instructions


  1. System requirements
  2. Initial Docksal environment setup
  3. Configuring a project to use Docksal

Coming from Drude (DDE)?

You will find a lot of similarities and a lot more new features that Docksal has over Drude (DDE).
Follow Updating from Drude (DDE) to Docksal instructions.

Example projects

With Docksal starting a complete LAMP stack for Drupal, WordPress or a pure HTML/PHP based website can be two commands away!

git clone <sample-project-repo>
fin init

Try one of the example projects:

PHP Based

JS Based

You can also use the fin project create command and a wizard will take you through the steps.


All Docksal components can be updated with a single command:

fin update


The steps below will remove the Docksal VM and cleanup all Docksal stuff.

fin vm remove
rm -rf "$HOME/.docksal"
rm -f /usr/local/bin/fin

Docker for Mac/Windows and VirtualBox are not automatically removed. You can remove them manually on Mac or use the uninstaller on Windows.

To remove Docker on Ubuntu Linux:

  1. Follow Docker Uninstallation instructions
  2. Remove the Docker tools:
sudo rm /usr/local/bin/docker-compose
sudo rm /usr/local/bin/docker-machine


If something is wrong

Quite often a problem may reside within the 3rd party tools, project code, local configuration, etc., and not the stack.
To make sure that the Docksal stack works properly, try launching any of the sample projects.
If you believe the issue is with the stack, then read on.

First, try these quick fix steps in the order listed below. Check if the issue has cleared out after each step.

  • Update Docksal to the latest version. See the updates section.
  • (Mac and Windows) Restart the Docksal VM: fin vm restart
  • Reset Docksal system services with fin system reset and restart project containers with fin project restart
  • Reboot the host (your computer or remote server)
  • (Mac and Windows) Re-create Docksal VM: fin vm remove then fin vm start (WARNING: backup your DB data before doing this)

If the quick fixes above did not help, try:

  • checking the troubleshooting doc for rare problems that might occur
  • searching the GitHub issue queue. Others may have experienced a similar issue and already found a solution or a workaround.
  • asking community for support in our Gitter room

Create a new issue if your problem is still not resolved.