Upgrading from Drude (DDE) to Docksal

Drude (DDE) relied on Vagrant boot2docker-vagrant to run Docker on Mac and Windows.
Docksal uses Docker Machine, which is more native and supports seamless (non-destructive) Docker version updates. The old Vagrant machine is not going to be used anymore and should be deleted (follow instructions below).

Create backups

Create dumps of databases that you need with drush

Remove old VM

vagrant destroy

This command will remove the old Drude VM

Go to your Drude projects folder (the one with Vagrantfile and vagrant.yml) and use vagrant destroy to destroy the Drude VM. If you happened to have several of them, please destroy all.

It is very important to use vagrant destroy and not delete the VM manually in VirtualBox. Vagrant has to clean things up properly and that is what vagrant destroy is for.

Uninstall vagrant

Uninstall vagrant if you do not plan to use it for other purposes

Depending on how Vagrant was installed you will either have to uninstall it manually or via brew uninstall vagrant on Mac / choco uninstall vagrant on Windows

Install Docksal

Docksal environment setup