Public Access via ngrok

In certain cases you may want to share or expose you local web server on the internet. E.g. share access with a teammate or customer to demonstrate the work or discuss the progress. Working with external web services that expect a callback URL is also generally not possible with a local environment.


ngrok creates a tunnel from the public internet http://<subdomain> to a port on your local machine. You can share the auto-generated URL with anyone to give them access to your local development environment. ngrok also has a web UI with an inspector for the HTTP traffic flowing over the tunnel.


Inside the project folder run:

fin share

You will see a console output from the ngrok container.
Use * web address displayed there to share you project with others:

Use Ctrl+C to stop ngrok and sharing.

To access ngrok web UI, open another console window and run

fin docker ps --format "{{.Names}} {{.Ports}}" | grep ngrok

In the output, look for the port number assigned to the container:

$ fin docker ps --format "{{.Names}} {{.Ports}}" | grep ngrok


Access ngrok web UI at

Overriding default host value

The default HOST header value (passed to the web container) can be overridden using --host option.
This can be useful to share a specific site in a Drupal multi-site project.

fin share