Stock Images Versions

Understanding Versions

Image tags follow the next pattern:


Take an example: docksal/mysql:5.7-1.3.

5.7 means software version, in this case MySQL 5.7.

1.3 means image stability tag. Stability tag is the image version. Same software version might have several image versions. Let’s say we have added something to the MySQL 5.7 image (like a new default configuration), we would increase the stability tag to 1.4 in that case, but the software version 5.7 would remain the same, resulting in docksal/mysql:5.7-1.4 tag.

Note: cli is a special case, cli itself is seen as software here with -php... being just a flavor of it.

Latest image version

You may notice that there are two versions of the same, e.g.:


As described above ...-1.2 means image version here. docksal/nginx:1.21 will always refer to the latest available image version. At some point, docksal/nginx:1.21 is the same as docksal/nginx:1.21-1.2, but should we release docksal/nginx:1.21-1.3, and docksal/nginx:1.21 would refer to docksal/nginx:1.21-1.3, while docksal/nginx:1.21-1.1 would still exist for backwards compatibility.

Having this latest image tag is a convenient shortcut, but in stacks that are delivered with Docksal, the exact version will always be used to avoid a situation when the newer image version was not pulled to your local.

In your custom stacks or custom Dockerfiles, you can use these latest image tags.

This page may not always show the latest image versions available because newer versions can be tagged between Docksal releases. See GitHub image repositories for the list of releases with release notes or run fin image registry <image>, e.g., fin image registry docksal/cli, to see list of available CLI images. See image commands


CLI on Github CLI on Docker hub

Image Notes
docksal/cli:php8.3-3.8 Default image PHP 8.3.6, Nodejs 20.12.2 LTS, Ruby 2.7.4, Python 3.9.2
docksal/cli:php8.2-3.8 PHP 8.2.18, Nodejs 20.12.2 LTS, Ruby 2.7.4, Python 3.9.2
docksal/cli:php8.1-3.8 PHP 8.1.28, Nodejs 20.12.2 LTS, Ruby 2.7.4, Python 3.9.2
docksal/cli:php8.3-3 Latest 3.x image version of PHP 8.3 flavor, convenient when extending stock images
docksal/cli:php8.2-3 Latest 3.x image version of PHP 8.2 flavor, convenient when extending stock images
docksal/cli:php8.1-3 Latest 3.x image version of PHP 8.1 flavor, convenient when extending stock images


Apache on Github Apache on Docker hub

Image Notes
docksal/apache:2.4-2.5 Default Apache 2.4
docksal/apache:2.4 Apache 2.4 (latest)


Nginx on Github Nginx on Docker hub

Image Notes
docksal/nginx:1.21-1.2 Nginx 1.21 (pinned version)
docksal/nginx:1.21 Nginx 1.21 (latest version)
docksal/nginx:1.20-1.2 Nginx 1.20 (pinned version, default)
docksal/nginx:1.20 Nginx 1.20 (latest version)
docksal/nginx:1.15 Nginx 1.15 (legacy version)


MySQL on Github MySQL on Docker hub

Image Notes
docksal/mysql:8.0-2.0 MySQL 8.0 (pinned version, default)
docksal/mysql:8.0 MySQL 8.0 (latest version)
docksal/mysql:5.7 MySQL 5.7 (legacy version)


MariaDB on Github MariaDB on Docker hub

Image Notes
docksal/mariadb:10.11-1.4 MariaDB 10.11 (image v1.4, default)
docksal/mariadb:10.11 MariaDB 10.11 (latest version)
docksal/mariadb:10.6-1.4 MariaDB 10.6 (pinned version)
docksal/mariadb:10.6 MariaDB 10.6 (latest version)
docksal/mariadb:10.5-1.4 MariaDB 10.5 (pinned version)
docksal/mariadb:10.5 MariaDB 10.5 (latest version)
docksal/mariadb:10.4-1.4 MariaDB 10.4 (pinned version)
docksal/mariadb:10.4 MariaDB 10.4 (latest version)

Apache Solr

Solr on Github Solr on Docker hub

Image Notes
docksal/solr:8.1-2.1 Apache Solr 8.1
docksal/solr:8-2.1 Apache Solr 8.1
docksal/solr:8.1 Apache Solr 8.1 (latest image version)
docksal/solr:7.7-2.1 Apache Solr 7.7
docksal/solr:7-2.1 Apache Solr 7.7
docksal/solr:7.7 Apache Solr 7.7 (latest image version)
docksal/solr:7.5-2.1 Apache Solr 7.5
docksal/solr:7.5 Apache Solr 7.5 (latest image version)
docksal/solr:6.6-2.1 Apache Solr 6.6
docksal/solr:6-2.1 Apache Solr 6.6
docksal/solr:5.5-2.1 Apache Solr 5.5
docksal/solr:5-2.1 Apache Solr 5.5


DEPRECATED: Use docksal/apache or docksal/nginx instead

Web on Docker hub

Image Notes
docksal/web:apache2.4 Apache 2.4
docksal/web:apache2.2 Apache 2.2