Acquia BLT

Acquia BLT (Build and Launch Tool) is an automation layer for building, testing, and deploying Drupal 8 applications. It uses a standardized composer-based template that was created from Acquia Professional Services’ best practices. It comes with a set of commands that facilitate development and automate repeated processes.


The composer package requirements for BLT require 2GB of RAM to install all components. To provide that RAM to composer inside the container, Virtual Box/Docker Desktop needs 3GB or more.

Setting up BLT with Docksal

There are two ways to set up a BLT projects with Docksal:

The Docksal Wizard (The Easy Way)

Use fin project create wizard and select Drupal 8 (BLT Version) from the list. This will download the BLT Boilerplate Project and run the included fin init command. This will download all composer require dependencies, set proper database settings for BLT, include the BLT addon command, and install the Drupal site.

The Manual Setup Process

You can follow the documentation to set up a BLT site with Docksal.

A Detailed Explanation of the Manual Setup

We have a blog post on Docksal and Acquia BLT that walks through the manual setup process. It’s a short 3 minute read.