Xhprof can be used to profile your PHP Application.

Stack Setup

XHProf integration is disabled by default as it causes a performance hit. To enable it:

fin config set --env=local XHPROF_ENABLED=1
fin project start

To verify that Xhprof was enabled:

$ fin exec php -i | grep -i xhprof
    extension 'xhprof' detected
    xhprof support => enabled
    xhprof.collect_additional_info => 0 => 0
    xhprof.output_dir => /tmp/xhprof => /tmp/xhprof
    xhprof.sampling_depth => 0x7fffffff => 0x7fffffff
    xhprof.sampling_interval => 100000 => 100000


To profile a Drupal application the Xhprof module can be downloaded and enabled. Once enabled and Enable profiling of page views. has been checked. This should start recording application calls and performance monitioring.

PHP Applications

For examples on how to use this with other PHP applications reference the php.net Examples.

Accessing Callgraphs

Use http://xhprof.<VIRTUAL_HOST> to access the Xhprof web UI.